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What is a Cenote?

Hidden in the Yucatan Peninsula jungle we can find the cenotes; underground river systems of caves and caverns which for thousand years have kept the secrets of the Mayan cosmogony. These spectacular places were considered as the gateway to Xibalba. Welcome to the Mayan underworld. Cenotes were used for religious purpose such as sacrificial ceremonies but also as the only freshwater resources. For the current Mayan population the cenotes are still sacred places and they still commemorate some of their ancient rituals.


For us divers, this is a new world to explore, a new adventure to live. Every diver experiences the cenotes differently, but none are the same after their first experience of cenote diving. You’ll discover a world of science by looking at the marvelous geological formations and by finding some archaelogical vestiges and fossils. But mostly you’ll get hooked and will want to come back again to explore more about these dreamworlds between the halocline, the clouds and the strays of lights. With an Open Water Certification, it is posible to dive in these incredible places, once you are more experienced we can take you to some special dives.

Rules of Cenote Diving

In order to dive with us in any cenote in Yucatan, you are required to have an international diver certification. FULL CAVE certification and instructorship for the guide is required.


  • Dive between natural daylight limits
  • Maximum distance of 200 ft or 60 m from the nearest surface
  • No restrictions
  • Follow permanent guideline
  • Maximum depth 70 ft or 21 m. (Except in open water areas, limited to 90ft or 30m)
  • Maximum 4 divers per guide
  • No decompression
  • Full diving equipment



The cenotes are unique and provide tremendous experience to divers coming all around the world. Diving in the cenotes is simply spectacular. HOWEVER, cenote diving is different from open water diving and has its own rules and safety protocols.

Diving in an overhead environment, in the darkness with blurry visibility may make feel some divers UNCOMFORTABLE.

But don’t worry! Safety is our main concern. Diving is open to recreational divers from the Open Water Diver level (or equivalent entry levels) and we are here to make you feel confident and comfortable in the overhead environment.

We work with extreme caution and worldwide-accepted security standards. Our certified Full Cave Divers (Registered as a cave/cavern diving guides) and our approach will make you enjoy cenote diving without any fear.

To dive with us in any cenotes, you are required to have an international diver certification.

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