Hostal La Casa de la 50

Comfortable and exclusive bed & breakfast hostel, recently remodeled. Located north of the city of Mérida, Yucatán. Ideal if you want to relax and spend a night at an affordable price.



Work area

Swimming pool



Security cameras

Pet Friendly




Stay at Hostal La Casa de La 50

The space is ideal if you want to relax and spend the night at a low cost, the entire property is newly remodeled, with new and functional furniture, you will have a clean, comfortable bed with air conditioning in a room for four people, you will also have access to the Shared areas, kitchen, bar, pool, terrace and TV room, in the surroundings you can find all kinds of restaurants, shopping centers, cinemas, casinos, bike lanes and much more.

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Good location on an avenue next to the peripheral, central to move around Mérida. Whether you rent a car or use Uber.

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Always thinking about your well-being

Complete protection included free with every reservation.

  • Reservation Protection Guarantee
    In the unlikely event that a host has to cancel your reservation within 30 days of arrival, we'll find you similar or better accommodations, or send you a refund


  • Ad Loyalty Guarantee
    If during your stay you notice that the listing doesn't match what was advertised (for example, if the refrigerator breaks and the host can't fix it, or if the space has fewer rooms than the listing says) ), you will have three days to notify us. Once you do, we'll find similar or better accommodation, or send you a refund.
  • Reservation change guarantee
    If you are unable to check-in at your listing and the host is unable to resolve the issue, we will either find you a similar or better listing for the length of your original stay, or issue you a refund.


  • 24 hour protection line
    If at any time you feel in an unsafe situation, you will have priority access to specialized security agents, whatever the time.

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Practice snorkeling or diving in a wonderful cenote or simply relax in its fresh waters.

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